Adama Jewel Jackson

41 – Cleveland and Los Angeles

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

I need a laptop to develop the administrative infrastructure of my nonprofit’s new project, an African Dance Academy.

Short Description Of Project

The purpose of this Academy is to serve as a means of preserving and presenting West African Arts and Culture.

The Academy will establish a scholarship fund to increase access to the arts for at risk youth. Research has shown that youth who are involved in strong Afterschool programming, particularly the arts, have higher self esteem indicators, perform better academically, are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol or experience teenage pregnancy.

It is our hope that by establishing this Academy, we can get kids off the street and into the theater, experiencing life and living to their full potential. There are many talented youth in our community, the issue is access and affordability. This Academy intends to be a conduit of change and a vehicle of hope.