At its core, Globetops is about connecting people. Inspired by the people behind the computers, we have created a new ongoing series where we hear from a donor and a recipient duo. Highlighting different projects, we’ll connect to someone who needed a laptop, and the person who chose to give it to them. The donor-recipient relationship is at the heart of our mission, and we love exploring the unique stories that brought them together. We begin that story here with our first spotlight series and 10 Question Q&A.

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10 Questions with Donor Patrick Trettenero

1. What is your name and profession? Patrick Trettenero. Vice-president creative, USA Brandworks

2. Where do you live? Manhattan, New York.

3. Describe a typical day in your life. I’m a T.V. advertising executive so it’s very busy, and there are super long days. I live in Manhattan, but am from Chicago, and thrive on a dynamic atmosphere and a lively city.

4. What are you most passionate about? I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents who stressed kindness, and generosity. Living in Manhattan, and working in media can be a crazy lifestyle but I’m extremely passionate about bringing kindness into your work, including providing mentorships. I’m truly passionate about the power of mentoring. I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by some amazing people who were so generous to me. It’s important to me to pay that sentiment forward.

5. What would you have done with your laptop if you didn’t give it to Globetops? Honestly, it probably would have stayed sitting in the closet.

6. Was the donation process easy? Yes and it couldn’t have been any easier. I left it with my doorman and they came to pick it up. At first I was a bit worried about erasing things, or what was still on it, but Becky walked me through all the steps and explained how Tekserve goes through it. Knowing Tekserve as a trusted brand made me feel really comfortable, and I’m such a busy person that being able to just hand it over and not have to worry was awesome.

7. What ultimately made you choose to donate your computer? When I learned about the story of Globetops, and saw examples of peoples’ lives being changed, I felt it was a no-brainer. Once I saw the stories of past recipients and heard how getting laptops from Globetops changed their lives, I couldn’t imagine not doing it.

8. Why did you pick Kimberly as your recipient?  What was it about her that stood out above the other projects? The mission of her organization spoke to me, and really paralleled with what I hold important. Her personality was also delightful. She seemed very giving. She has the potential to really make a difference in peoples lives. The fact that I could do one simple thing to support that, made it an easy choice. (Read Kimberly’s Q&A spotlight below to read more on her project….)

9. How does it feel to know that Kimberly was so happy to receive your

computer and is doing big things with it? It made my day! It also made me think “this is so easy”; why isn’t everyone giving their old laptops to Globetops?!

10. How did you find out about Us?  Professionally and personally through my friendship with the founder, Becky


See more about Patrick on our donors page.


10 Questions with Recipient Kimberly O’Neil

1. What is your name and profession?  Kimberly O’Neil. Founder/CEO The Giving Blueprint. The Giving Blueprint is a resource to create sustainability in the nonprofit industry. We support philanthropists and work with mid-size nonprofit organizations that are looking to develop strategies for scaling the impact of their programs and services.

2. Where do you live? North of Dallas, Texas

3. Describe a typical day in your life. I’m up by 5:30 am. Meditation. Check the online news outlets to see what’s happened in the world overnight. Text time with my family. Teach (I’m a college professor too). Meetings. Strategy sessions. Personal professional development. Dedicated time for projects. Sleep (8 hours is a must even if that includes naps during the day). Although it varies, each day is very structured so that I am productive and not simply busy. I stopped watching television at the end of 2013 to repurpose my time for other important activities and to also filter the content that I was consciously and subconsciously absorbing daily. I frequently do that. My longest stretch without watching television was 3 years.

4. What are you most passionate about? What I do. The nonprofit industry not only benefits individuals, but it also benefits our country’s economy. Nationwide, nonprofit organizations provide approximately 10% of jobs on the market. So we need to keep nonprofits open if they are doing great work. Nonprofit failure has a major impact on our nation. Our nonprofit incubator, Cause Studio, is designed to support the founders and board members of startup organizations who have the heart space to create impactful programs but may not have the resources and tools to structure and sustain them. For us, these are the people who can provide the greatest impact.

5. Why did you need a laptop? Owning a MacBook has been on my wish list forever, but other businesses needs took priority.  The functionality of a Mac allows us to be more efficient in our processes and it means that we can be mobile and set up anywhere. It’s added a great deal of flexibility to our programming schedule.

6. If resources weren’t an issue, and you could do anything – what would you like to do? Travel the United States and work with community advocates and leaders of small nonprofits. There are so many awesome people who put their hearts into serving their communities, however, access to resources can be a challenge. Solutions to some of our greatest community issues are within reach. I want to be part of the effort to provide the resources communities need.

7. How does what you do impact the world? For me, impacting the world first begins with impacting my country.  We have so many amazing and diverse areas within this nation. A continuous spotlight needs to shine on that – the good and the not so good. It keeps us accountable as to what’s working well, and what requires attention. It’s not about creating organizations, it’s about creating effective solutions that improve the quality of life for everyone.

8. What couldn’t you do before you had a laptop that you wanted to do? Can you do it now?  I had a laptop, but I use them so much during programs that I burned mine out. Without a laptop, I am unable to be effective in my training.  A friend recommended that I look into a Mac because they are more reliable and there is a low probability of viruses.  With the MacBook, we also have access to better video editing software, which we use to create informational videos.

9. What did it feel like to receive your laptop? What did it feel like to open it up for the first time? It was a great feeling. I picked it up from the mail center and opened it on the trunk of the car. I was so excited. This was a tremendous gift. I think I emailed Becky and said it felt like Christmas morning!

10. What are you going to next? It’s simple: impact change throughout the country one area at a time. My personal motto is  “service to others is a part of life and our involvement is not an option.” Thank you Globetops for helping to make this possible!

See more about Kimberly on our Laptopped page.

If you need a laptop to do something important, or have an old one you would like to donate head here to get more information. You might be spotlighted next!