Caroline Rothstein

32 – NYC

What Are You Most Passionate About?

Authenticity and world peace.

Who Is Your Hero? Why?

My family. I’m blown away that I get to be related to and know all of the people in my life. It feels important to have heroes we can reach

What Is Your Favorite Sound?

Ocean waves crashing against the shore.

What Languages do you speak?


What is your Profession?

Writer and Performer.

What Kind of Laptop Did you Donate?

A Dell Inspiron 700m and an HP Pavilion DV6000

Why did you pick this project ?

I had chills reading Deborah’s profile. In a world suffocated by countless systems of oppression, the prison industrial complex being both one of them and an amalgamation of many, I am touched by Deborah’s dedication to help ex-offenders find work and employment in a world outside the prison system that is not inherently set up to benefit those who have been incarcerated. I hope this laptop allows her to work in a consistent way that in turn offers consistent employment and long term systemic change for ex-offenders.


Domestic Violence

Employing Ex-Offenders