Swami Shradhanand

65 – Varanasi

What Are You Most Passionate About?

Service at my hospital, Vivekanand Mission Rural Hospital.  We are also now building a hostel for 100 boys.

Who is someone who inspires you?

Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Abdul Kalam, Modi and Sai Maa.

What Is Your Favorite Sound?

Singing Bhajans: “Om…. Om Namah Shivaya, Hari Rama Hari rama, Gayatri Mantra, Sing Bhajanss”

What Project would a laptop help you with?

The boys hostel will give education and good spiritual discipline to hundreds of boys from poor villages and help to lift them out of poverty.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

A laptop would be used for the hostel’s and accounts and expense tracking.

What do you love about this project?

God gives me the greatest gifts when I am in service to others.  When I partake in our feeding program I am fulfilled in my heart and soul, and at the same time I am preparing the next generation to face the world.

What Languages do you speak?

Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telegu.

Given a choice, would you prefer a Mac or PC?


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