Joel Pierre Louis

25 – Jacmel

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

The 16/6 Project

Short Description Of Project

As lead editor on our new project, I will be managing hundreds of hours of material. We are always seeing now how important it is to be work on the road. Now we will have a chance to see if we are able to accomplish our goals under difficult circumstances. A laptop will make what we do possible.

Over three years since the Earthquake, hundreds of thousands of people remain in tent cities The challenge is not only finding proper ‘housing’ but rebuilding entire communities. The main focus of the 16/6 project (16 tent cities returning to 6 communities) is creating opportunities, offering ‘facilities’ and services and rekindling a sense of wholeness and well being. It is a high priority for Haiti’s largest NGOs and the government of Haiti.

Our responsibility is to develop a series of short documentaries that tell the story of this collective effort, inspire action amongst Haitians themselves and foster community spirit for the beneficiaries. The video pieces, portraits of activists, tales of heroism and sacrifice and tributes to hard work and vision, will be distributed throughout Haiti. Not only is our video project a key component in a nationwide rebuilding effort, it is an extraordinary opportunity for professional growth.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

The laptops would help us gain economic independence and self sufficiency as well as being indispensable tools for this and future productions.