Mariama Diabaté

43 – Conakry

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

Cleaner Roads

Short Description Of Project

My name is Mariama DIabaté, but everyone knows me as Yama. I am a single mother with one son; I also care for my two nephews after their father died with the help of my niece. I am the head of security for Peace Corps Guinea and have been working for Peace Corps for many years now. While I love my job with Peace Corps I am also looking to branch out into the entrepreneurial world as a business woman. With the help of a friend I have created a construction and road maintenance company. We began the company in 2008 and just last year gained our first big contract cleaning up the roadsides between the towns of Tanene and Fria. I see my business activities as being a way to help my country, not only by providing jobs and services that may not have existed before, but also as I gain respect and influence as a strong woman I can have a greater impact in Guinea and on the people around me.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

Currently I run my business out of my house, but soon I would like to open up an office that is not in my living room. Having a computer would be a great asset, I could keep a more organized calendar, make more professional bills and receipts, as well as search for the latest information and keep in touch with partners through the internet.

What Languages do you speak?

English, French, Susu, Wolof

Laptopped By

Stephanie Powell