Robyn Sheopersad

24 – Queens

What Are You Most Passionate About?

Helping others.  Through becoming a filmmaker I hope to inspire people with the images I create. To create a world where everyone can co-exist together. My experience with the Made In NY production Assistant Training Program is helping me and other people of low income aspire to fulfill their dreams of working in film production.

Who is someone who inspires you?

My mother. Although she’s been gone since I was 3 years old she’s inspired me to strive to do my best in anything I do.

What Is Your Favorite Sound?

My favorite sound is definitely hearing the waves crashing on the beach.

What Project would a laptop help you with?

I need a laptop to edit my independent films. In my work I strive to show diversity.  I want to help someone who typically doesn’t see themselves on screen feel better about their odds of being able to fit in.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

It would assist me in script writing & video editing. It would also help in my day job of being a production assistant.

What do you love about this project?

This project will shed light on to what we are missing in tv/film everywhere but specifically in America which is diversity. By documenting the lives of everyday people from all over the world in the big city of New York.

What Languages do you speak?


Given a choice, would you prefer a Mac or PC?