Mariama Bah

20 – Conakry

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

Becoming a doctor.

Short Description Of Project

I am finishing my first year at university in Conakry. I secured a spot in this university after scoring well on my high school exit exam. Ever since I was young, I’ve succeeded in school by studying diligently. I attended primary and secondary school in Kindia. I would wake in the early morning hours when the electricity came on so I could study before going to school for the day. I would come home, finish chores, and study. Now I am at university to become a doctor. I want to be able to help those in need of medical care. At the university, there are many assignments that require a computer for reading or typing papers. There are only a small number of computers at the computer lab.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

If I had a laptop, I won’t have to wait in line to use a computer. I would be able to bring my laptop to the computer lab to access the internet to do research for my assignments. I could also charge the laptop in the computer lab and continue working on papers at home.

What Languages do you speak?

French, Malinke, Susu