I arrived a certain bustling thrift store and had a look around for a few minutes… ten minutes… … twenty minutes to gather my nerves and think about how I’m to approach the front staff to ask my question.

It was about this time that I came to a realization, one that I hope my subconscious will take to heart coming forward. Nobody is born with confidence, it is cultivated over time, through trials and failures; or to put it practically; making an ass out of yourself in rapid succession until you get it right.

With this in mind, I approached the counter where two kindly elderly volunteers were working. They were having a laugh over gum… or something, so that helped break the ice. I told them briefly about what we do and asked who I could speak to about a partnership or an event. She directed me to a manager, a kind, bookish young woman who was probably even more nervous than me during the conversation. She too liked what we did and gave me an email address and a referral name.

“Nobody is born with confidence, it is cultivated over time, through trials and failures…”

After that, I made the mistake of buying the most overpriced lunch I’ve had in a while (3.95 bottled water, fuck off) and went back to the office to greet you guys and get to work… Then I noticed your telegram about the ink; so I went ahead and took care of the research involved with that. Once I get the ink from your place I’ll inventory everything and sell that off.

I then carefully and painstakingly wrote an email to the store contact, who replied promptly. I replied in kind.

At some point, I also tried prying that battery slot open with the keyboard with little luck. Even my heat gun had no effect on it. I ran to the nearby Microcenter and asked one of their techs if they had any ideas. Microcenter is a cut above most retailers, so the staff here knows what they’re talking about. One of the gentlemen allowed me to borrow a thick prying tool to get the thing open but THAT didn’t work either, so I thanked him and went next door to buy some baking soda for a concoction that might open the thing up.

In email land, I responded to Troy of Bangladesh about an inquiry. Since he’s thankfully in the USA right now I can call him during normal hours, and will do so tomorrow.

~ M