Bhakta Bahadur Khadka – 29


What Are You Most Passionate About?

I feel strongly about getting the all of my students the chance to have better education through technology.

Who is someone who inspires you?

Whenever I faced hardship during my childhood, my parents were always there to support me.

What Is Your Favorite Sound?

The all natural morning alarm: the rooster. 

What Project would a laptop help you with?

As a math teacher, it’s important to investigate strategies and techniques for teaching. Since I work for a non-profit school for orphans, the budget is tight and there aren’t enough computers to go around. A simple computer would allow me to do my job better and learn how to do it better.

What do you love about this project?

Using technology to teach in new and interesting ways. I’ve used loaned laptops in the past for virtual lessons and presentations on discrimination awareness.

What Languages do you speak?

Nepali, English and Hindi.

Given a choice, would you prefer a Mac or PC?