Linda Gilkes

60 – Bushwick, Brooklyn

What Are You Most Passionate About?

Fair medical treatment and equality for all.

What Is Your Favorite Sound?

Rainfall in the middle of the bustling NYC.

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

I am a Recovery Coach. This is a one to one client relationship, offering guidance and support to people working to make a life change from the misuse of alcohol and illegal substances. I am studying to move to the next level of client care which is becoming a counselor.

How would a laptop help you?

I am looking to gain additional work skills and therefore, taking classes to become a Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor [CASAC].

The laptop would be a great help to complete the required non-classroom training hours. The process of becoming a CASAC involves a long program including 350 classroom hours, and 4000 hours (2 years) of clinical internship which is usually unpaid time. It would also enable me to complete some of the training online via the NYS Office of Alcohlol and Substance Abuse Services website. The website employs training modules, testing and certificates that can be applied to the 4000 hour training requirement. Having access to a computer at home would enable me to complete the 4000 hour of training at a faster pace.

What do you love about this project?

I love to learn, and in learning about the system I hope to understand how we can attain a higher quality of healthcare for all.

What Languages do you speak?


Given a choice, would you prefer a Mac or PC?