46 – Varanasi

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

Supporting Pregnant Women

Short Description Of Project

Most women in the rural areas go through their pregnancies with little or no support or medical checkups. This means that problems with the pregnancy – affecting either the mother or the unborn child – often go undetected or are detected at a much later stage than otherwise. This is having a critical effect on the health of both mothers and unborn children, and contributes to the high mortality rates.

In our project, examinations are performed for the women at their homes, allowing the women to continue their daily duties. These examinations are primarily medical, but advice/assistance is also provided for any other problems that may be arising due to the pregnancy. Weights and measurements are also recorded to monitor progress.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

If we had a laptop we would be able to better keep track of the vital statistics for the women being examined. We would also begin to keep records and analize the health status of the participants and identify trends and patterns that may further assist them.

What Languages do you speak?

Hindi and English