Santosh Das Ji

Boys are 10-18 – Varanasi

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

The Satuwa Baba Boys School

Short Description Of Project

The Satuwa Baba Boys School is the most ancient educational institute in Varanasi. The ashram itself is 300 years old and the sanskrit college is over 150 years old. Boys come from all over the country to receive a traditional sanskrit education, with a focus on the vedas. There are 130 students in the school, 60 are live-in residents. When they graduate, the boys will go on to become pundits or scholars. Either going into the world to lead traditional Hindu ceremonies, or on to university to receive higher degrees.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

A hi-tech education is so important. When they arrive at university to do a PhD program, and have never used a computer before, it is a major setback. So many kids are going into scientific disciplines, but it is also important to preserve our culture, and our ancient sacred language. We have a computer teacher lined up to give the boys a computer training course as part of their regular curriculum. All we need is the computers!

What Languages do you speak?

Hindi, Sanskrit

Laptopped By

Liam O’Neil

Simmi Prasad