Father Sunil Kumar

30 – Varanasi

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

Supporting The Poor

Short Description Of Project

I am providing a free service to teach computer skills to poor people in the Varanasi area. Each Sunday interested children and adults from underprivileged communities and slum areas come together and I teach them basic computer skills. With basic computer skills the children have the opportunity to receive a better education and therefore a brighter future! Adults with basic computer skills have the opportunity to improve their situation in life and for their family.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

Right now, I am using computers that belong to the organization I work with. A laptop dedicated to this project will make it possible for me to offer even more. There will be greater opportunity for me to learn more about operating a computer, which will allow me offer better skills and give the most up-to-date information possible to people who are committed to improving their lives and their communities.

What Languages do you speak?

Hindi, English and Telugu

Laptopped By

Carol Solinger