Harish Panwar

49 – Petlawad, Jhabua

What Are You Most Passionate About?

Journalism for the downtrodden and underserved people in our communities.

Who Is Your Hero? Why?

Prabhash Joshi, because he dedicated his life to the service of the poor.

What Is Your Favorite Sound?

“Guzzles” by Dushayant Kumar.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

I work as a journalist for the tribal poor. I conduct awareness programs to help bring those who don’t have access to internet or newspapers up to speed with current events. If I obtain a laptop I would be able to conduct video sessions for the people I serve.

What do you love about this project?

The tribal poor can easily understand the changes in society by watching videos and films. Through this project, I can touch the lives of many people while helping to make the world a little more fair.

What Languages do you speak?


Given a choice, would you prefer a Mac or PC?


Laptopped By:

Lina Plioplyte