Amara Oumar Sylla

23 – Boké

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

The CECOJE Boke. It is the main youth organization in Boke.

Short Description Of Project

Our group of more than 20 peer educators give community presentations on a range of health topics – from condom use to malaria prevention. The kids in the group are especially good at using dance and drama to spread messages. CECOJE provides a safe space for young people in Boke who are working towards improving the lives of young people in Guinea.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

With a computer, I will be more organized and able to complete my reports. I will be able to analyze and record our group’s results better and that will help our group to be stronger and more independent. We work to reduce poverty and improve the health of our community. In addition to leading the CECOJE, I am a second year student at the National Mining University in Boke. After my studies, I will be a mining engineer. A computer would assist me in that area as well. As an engineer, I want to contribute to helping build my country’s economy and reducing poverty in Guinea

What Languages do you speak?

Susu, French, Pular, Diakanke

Laptopped By:

Brittany Dodson