Mamady Papa Touré

65 – Kindia

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

Knowledge Management System for Artisans

Short Description Of Project

I am the Secretary of Training and Information for Association of Artisans of Kindia. I have over 50 years of experience training artisans in management, accounting, marketing, quality control and all other aspects necessary for their success. I know I will not be here forever, so I want to create a system to manage all the knowledge and tools I use in my daily work for future generations of artisans.

How Would A Laptop Help You?

Right now, my office is full of stacks and stacks of paper and having a computer will allow me to digitize and share all of this information.

Furthermore, I will be able to use the computer to do research on the Internet of best practices from other artisan groups and share it with my members. I will be able to write my reports more efficiently and create a database of members. This will allow me to share more interesting and relevant information with our membership at our monthly meetings. A laptop is also portable so I will be able to bring more information and tools with me when I go out into villages to help our members.A computer will help continue the strong performance of our association and ensure support for future generations of artisans.

What Languages do you speak?

French and Susu

Laptopped By

Ronnie Krensel