Ranjana Gaur

44 – Varanasi

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

Community development through women empowerment.

Short Description Of Project

I am working with the women of underprivileged communities in Varanasi and surrounding areas to provide education and opportunities so that they can improve their lives.

My philosophy is to train the women in their innate value, to give them self-confidence and to teach them their legal rights such that they can lead and teach others, create projects, and educate their children.

We participate in formal days to increase awareness of human rights issues, girls issues and women’s issues, organise community events such as art competitions and rallies to educate on these issues. Our goal is to create a society that has gender equality and where human rights are respected for all!

How Would A Laptop Help You?

If we had a laptop we would use it to do research, keep records, create presentations, network with other organizations dedicated to empowering women, use for trainings, and establish a digital library.

Laptopped By

Amy Gomez