Shrikant Dilip Wagh

23 – Varanasi

What Are You Most Passionate About?

I am most passionate about Vedas– particularly the Sama Veda. Lord Krishna said that he was the embodiment of the Sama Veda!

Who Is Your Hero? Why?

My teacher Prabhakar Bapat because he taught me the wisdom of the Sama Veda. He was very disciplined and his blessings are always with me.

What Is Your Favorite Sound?

My favorite sound is my teacher’s voice as he chants the Sama Veda. His control of pitch and power in his voice is very beautiful.

What Project Would A Laptop Help You With?

To write a book of a specific part of the Vedas that has only been passed down orally and not available anywhere in book.

Short Description Of Project

I have a PHD in Sanskrit. The Sama Veda Ranayani branch Maharastra Pradaditi has been passed down orally for tens of thousands of years but never written. This book will preserve ancient Indian wisdom

How Would A Laptop Help You?

I would use the laptop to type this part of the Vedas in book form. It will take about 300 to 350 pages of writing to complete. I would prefer a PC.

What Languages do you speak?