What is Globetops?

What is Globetops?


We live in an unbalanced world. Obesity & starvation exist side-by-side. Poverty & excess are next-door neighbors. If things continue this way the divide will grow bigger. We will consume and waste and consume and waste until there is nothing left . . .
But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Globetops is an online community creating a whole new paradigm. It is redefining recycling, being creative about what we do with our waste.


Roughly 220 million tons of old computers and other tech hardware are trashed in the United States every year. 50% of those computers are in good working order. That’s 110 million tons of useful computer hardware wasted.

What if each of those computers ended up not in a landfill, but in the hands of someone who needed one? What kind of future would we create if we made the unused, usable again? If we provided people across the globe the opportunity for connection, exploration, and the empowerment of their ideas.


On the site, users with an old laptop browse through profiles of people who have never had one. Then with a few clicks of a button they erase their files and the computer arrives at our Globetops command center – either by mail or via our free NYC pickup service.  From there the laptop is wiped, checked, revamped, wrapped, strapped in a plane, and sent off on an overseas adventure. When it arrives at its destination, the recipient is introduced to their new electronic sidekick & receives training in how to use it to further their vision for global enlightenment! Both parties can stay in touch & talk about themselves, their communities, and what their laptop has made possible. Through creative recycling and Globetops, users are afforded the opportunity to explore other cultures, learn about the world and become friends with people they never knew existed.


Globetops is not your traditional donation-based charity. It’s not a corporate philanthropy program. It is a network of people providing for people and being provided for. It is an exploration of the human desire for connection and a harmony of resources. Fueled by a collection of individuals taking on something bigger than themselves, Globetops is dissolving the divide between giver and receiver so that all that is left is one.